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Eperales 11-22-2018 09:07 AM

BRUTEFORCE wont start
I have a 2008 Kawasaki bruteforce 650 4x4i. But I went to start it and it wont start. I hit the start button and it makes the noise to turn on but it wont turn on, then my battery starts going down, I put the charger on it and it gets charged and try it again and at first when its cranking yeah sounds really strong but then after a few times it just gets weaker and weaker. What could it be how can I start eliminating potential points of problem, could it be a battery, that's what I'm thinking but how can I confirm, cause I charge it and check the voltage and its almost 13volts then I hit the start button volts drop to 10. something as soon as I let it go they go 12 something and after that they just keep dropping. Any ideas on what it could be.

NMKawierider 11-22-2018 09:51 AM

Have you checked the fuel supply to the carbs? Is the choke working? Have you tested the voltage at the coils? Kill switch is ON..right?

Eperales 11-22-2018 10:10 AM

Yeah kill switch is on. How can I check the voltage to the coils, and the fuel supply to the carbs. Cause las time that I rode it just got home and parked it, till yesterday that I went to move it, it just wouldn't start.

NMKawierider 11-22-2018 10:17 AM

The service manual outlines the procedures.

Eperales 11-22-2018 10:26 AM

Yeah I need to get the service the manual, any time I've had problems I have a person that has worked on it, but that person doesn't doit no more.

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