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Snorkeling The Brute

Snorkeling The Brute

Snorkels on your brute are beneficial in several ways. They provide protection from deep water crossings, splashes at high speed and provide a sense of security that will allow you to tackle terrain you thought previously impassable. Please note some brutes do require a re-jetting of the carburetor due to the change in flow of air from the addition snorkels. This is not always the case and should not be taken as the rule. Just know, it's a possibility.


What Do I need to Buy?

A) CVT Intake
Keep stock rubber coupler attached to front of CVT Housing.
2 - 45's


B) CVT Exhaust
1 - 45
3 - 90's
1 - 3" to 2" rubber coupler

For 2008 & up brutes, there is a valve you must work around, click here to see the 2008+ CVT exhaust snorkel & parts list.

C) Air box Intake
1 - 90 rubber 3" coupler w/ clamps
1 - 2" 90* Street Fitting
1 - 2" 45* Street Fitting
3 - of whatever you want to put on the tops of your snorkels (90's or 45's - your call)

D) 1 - 10' stalk of 2" Sch40 PVC.

E) 3 - 2" Rubber Couplers for uprights.

I spent about $80 total. Which included PVC glue, and Dielectric Grease for my


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Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. Snorkels are not a complete guarantee against damage to your ATV. Water/Mud can still damage your motor and or other parts if you are not careful. MudInMyBlood.com and all parties associated accept NO responsibility if your quad is damaged

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