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  1. Kawasaki
    Ok i was at the river about a month ago and found a mud hole that was a bit deep and swamped my bike granted i do have snorkels but they went under bike died but stated back up and ran for a bit but then died complely got it home changed the oil and plugs it smoked like hell then quit i killed...
  2. Kawasaki
    Just recently purchased a 2010 brute 750 added 2" lift and 30" silverbacks and took it out riding. Definitely in need of a new clutch but have read all the forms to try to get a rundown of what would be good but still cant make a decision. I mainly mud ride but also climb alot of hills so having...
  3. Kawasaki
    I just recently bought my 2010 brute 750 it only has 16 hours but when riding in 2wd sometimes the front diff. locks itself for a few seconds and is difficult to turn. Ive checked the cable to be sure it wasnt binding when im turning and its fine. Any tips would help. Thanks.
  4. Kawasaki
    I just purchased a 2010 brute force 750 efi and about to snorkel it and was wondering what all needs to be vented up with it besides the intake and belt housing? Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results