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  1. Kawasaki
    I have a 2005 brute 750 with approximately 240 hours on it. I went riding in the mountains a couple of weeks ago and about halfway through the ground cable came loose. I immediately pulled over and fixed it and continued to ride. Somewhere about that time and I'm unsure if its related, my 4x4...
  2. Kawasaki
    hey there everyone im landon! nice site yall got here btw! i got a 05 750 bf 29.5 outlaws on motometal rims got the hl 2in lift snorkels and radiator relocated! stock primary red secondary! thats about my brute but shes got a probublem! soon as i telll yall ur goann tell me to go read all the...
  3. Kawasaki
    OK my 4X4 wont engage. On further diagnosis I found the 4X4 switch is good (on the handlebars) and the 4X4 actuator OHMS reading's seem ok (I have an old meeter at home that you have to move the OHMS scale yourself and its only capable of 2000 OHMS :doh:). So until I get my good meeter and back...
1-3 of 3 Results