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  1. Member Classifieds
    Basically stock, has wheels off of an 08-11 model with itp terra cross tires. Runs great, no problems except fan switch/ temp sensor needs replaced. Never bogged or sunk. Books somewhere around $6,500-$7,000 and I want $5,750. I just need it gone, I already have two rincons and a rubicon, don't...
  2. Honda
    Hey guys, I'm new so please don't ride me too hard. I have an 05 Rincon, it was beat to death when I found it... I ordered all new plastics, controls, bars, seat, brakes, cv boots, 700 big red dogs for in the tranny, hyd seals for the tranny, oil pump, timing and pump chains, .010 piston and...
  3. Kawasaki
    Alright guys I know there are threads and threads about the 4x4 problems. On my pod I have a constant 2wd light. There is no flashing at all. I can push the 4wd switch and I still have a constant 2wd light. I have power going to the switch. I have swapped the two relays under the seat. I swapped...
  4. Want To Buy
    I'm in need of a 4x4 actuator for my front diff. I have a 2006 brute force. I'm trying to avoid having to buy a new one. If anyone has one for cheap, please hit me up.
  5. Let's Go Riding
    May 31st - June 2nd 2013. We are going to have a 4x4 Truck and ATV mud course and a 4x4 rock & hill climb trail that will be open from dusk till dawn Friday & Saturday and Sunday until 3pm. Plus, on Saturday we will open up the BEAST Mud Pit from 12-4pm. It is a 250ft. + mud pit on the speedway...
  6. Kawasaki
    what are the goods and bads? are they good on torque are they smoothe riding do they flip easy? i want to know everything i may be buying one and are they easy to mod
  7. Kawasaki
    Does anyone have an hmf exhaust on a prairie 360? Might get one just want to know if they are worth the money. Thanks! Merry Christmas!!!
1-7 of 7 Results