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  1. 750 crank in 650??

    i have a 650 brute force and im thinking a 750 crank with 750 rods and 650 pistons will work.
  2. i got some questions about 650 prairies

    what are the goods and bads? are they good on torque are they smoothe riding do they flip easy? i want to know everything i may be buying one and are they easy to mod
  3. a few team green P700 parts from an 06 model

    For Sale/Trade
    rear shock in great shape $100 shipped front shocks in good shape $70 shipped factory CDI $100 shipped starter relay $25 shipped floor boards $75 shipped headlights $60 shipped Radiator w/ fan $75 shipped a TEAM GREEN a/f cover w/ lid, this is the shroud that goes around the a/f box that is in...
  4. Brute getting coolant in airbox

    Hello, im new here and have a big problem with my kaw. Its a 2008 650 straight axle, not fuel injected. The problem Im having is the machine is getting coolant into airbox, i believe its coming from the breather from crank case. However I have no coolant on my dipstick. Ive had the head gaskets...
  5. Question about 06 650 SRA.... "clanking noise"

    My buddy that has my old 06 SRA called me today asked me if I could help him figure out whats wrong with his bike so I stopped by.... FIRST OFF...keep in mind that his rear shock is busted and all bouncy and weak, kinda thinkin this may be part of the prob. Ok, you can get on the bike and run...
  6. Help with snorkels

    I did post this in general tech and then moved it here because i figured this would be a more appropriate place for this. I tried to delete the other but couldnt so sorry but anyway, Im kinda new to this site and the brute all together...Ive been looking around on here daily getting ideas...So...