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  1. Kawasaki
    what are the goods and bads? are they good on torque are they smoothe riding do they flip easy? i want to know everything i may be buying one and are they easy to mod
  2. Member Classifieds
    rear shock in great shape $100 shipped front shocks in good shape $70 shipped factory CDI $100 shipped starter relay $25 shipped floor boards $75 shipped headlights $60 shipped Radiator w/ fan $75 shipped a TEAM GREEN a/f cover w/ lid, this is the shroud that goes around the a/f box that is in...
  3. Member Classifieds
    This 700xx has under 10 hrs on it. I bought it 2 months ago NEW from the dealership. I got bit by the 4x4 bug and mud riding so I bought an Artic Cat 650h1. I LOVE this quad but the wife says I cant have two. So here she is up for sale.... This thing RIPS through the woods! It will be missed... 3900
  4. Polaris
    I need Some backup advice suggestions...! Goin to MudCreek this Thursday. My stock radiator fan locked up,due to a short I found in the wiring! So I Got a 2007 700cc Radiator Polaris sportsman & Fan off eBay awhile back. Was goin to relocate it on the rack, but I found it only has in/out &...
  5. Mud Pit
    I was wondering if anyone would know if I installed a 3" lift kit into a King Quad 700 if I would have any problems at all with cv boots or axels?
1-5 of 5 Results