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  1. 12 Brute 750i eps

    For Sale/Trade
    Basically stock, has wheels off of an 08-11 model with itp terra cross tires. Runs great, no problems except fan switch/ temp sensor needs replaced. Never bogged or sunk. Books somewhere around $6,500-$7,000 and I want $5,750. I just need it gone, I already have two rincons and a rubicon, don't...
  2. 06 750  Hids

    06 750 Hids

    Eagle Eye headlights
  3. HELP!! 750i problem is still unsolved

    I have a newly acquired 2008 750i brute force and it came with the a seemingly small problem but is turning out to be widely unsolved. My machine turns over no problem it idles great and has full power for a few minutes but then I get half to a quarter throttle and it sputters and backfires a...
  4. Noise from front end (grinding at idle when give gas Video)

    I have a weird noise coming from the front of my bike only on low rev and deceleration Here is a Video it sounds like a rattle idk tho I just checked my values and didn't have to adjust any of them Brute force front end noise - YouTube
  5. 07 brute 750, no dash

    Great site guys, I have learned alot. I have an 07 Brute 750i and after washing it my dash went completely out, after it set for a couple of days it was kinda dim. I figure it is a ground problem but that's where I'm stuck. I found a ground at the front on the upper cross-member and I found a...
  6. Rear Spindle

    I am new here. I wrecked my brute force today and broke the rear right spindle. Do they make a better replacement? Because it seemed like mine just snapped right off very easily. But for now I'm looking for a used one, but am unable to post in the classified section. If anyone has one please...
  7. in need of parts

    I am in need of a brute force 750 crank and rods for a good price. i am building a brute engine with 750 crank and rods with 650 pistons and top end for more compression. havent found anyone else thats ever done this. i have everything i need but these parts. anyone wanna help??
  8. 750 crank in 650??

    i have a 650 brute force and im thinking a 750 crank with 750 rods and 650 pistons will work.
  9. Brute Sputtering

    Okay so i've been having a couple concerns with my brute... the other day i was just cruising and i decided to pin it, throttle response was good but then towards the upper end it really started to sputter. every time i go over a certain point with the throttle it starts to sputter. its a 2012
  10. brute 750 plastics scratches and small tears

    Mud Pit
    i was thinking about replacing plastics to a differnet color. Kawi green or someting else. Any advice on the best place to purchase or buy used. I wouldnt mind keeping if i could make look alot better currently RED. Any tips on bringing out the color or sealing??
  11. Just got 06 BF 750 w/ motor pulled and need help

    Mud Pit
    I just bought a 06 750 BF witht he motor already removed. The guy i bought it from told me it ran low on oil and knocking in lower motor untill the rpms got ot 5k. he was planning on buying a hight comp kit from (standard compression kit) Took motor shop and they cant find anything...
  12. My 07 Candy Thunder 750

    My 07 Candy Thunder 750

    28" Zillas, 14" SS's, HMF exhaust, Dynatek cdi box
  13. 2008 BF 750i Weak? Fuel Pump

    Hey all. Looking for help with my newly purchased used Brute. After i first start it up it runs great. After 2-3 minutes when I attempt a WOT run I can only get about 25mph out of it and a bunch of backfiring. Here's the interesting thing. If I shut it down and then immediately turn it back on...