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  1. Brute 750 belt slipping please help! :(

    ok i talked to vforce john and got both primary and secondary springs- 1 and 3 when going through mud - waterwheelies - going up mounds of dirt the belt slips and you can smell the belt ! why does it do this! These are vforce john springs! even in deep water at start off it does this and it...
  2. Loss of power

    Searched a ton and cannot find an answer to my problem. Last week I tightend my belt from about 32mm play to about 24mm. Went for a ride this weekend and noticed a lack of power off the line and topped out around 40mph and had to stay on the throttle awhile to get there. Felt like it was reving...
  3. Prairie 360 bogs out on hills and flat surface

    I have a P360 with 28" silvebacks that bogs in high range and in low range just not as bad on the smallest of hills and sometimes flat land. I have Pink primary and Red secondary springs. My check belt light is on also . Called my buddy up on the phone he said it sound to him like its the belt...
  4. is this going to be a problem??

    Recently I was changing my belt and I was putting the cvt cover back on the bike and I torqued one of the screws to much and then end of the screw broke off into the bike. Is this going to be a problem with it leaking water or anything like this? It was one bolt on the top middle of the cvt...
  5. 02 Eiger Drive Belt

    First, I'm a mechanical novice, so please bear with my ignorance, I'm trying. 02 Eiger LTA400 - 4wd Auto 400 Picked it up on the cheap due to assumed broken drive belt (motors starts, goes nowhere). Also has to be pull-started, seems starter is shot (or wiring is). Pulled the cover off...
  6. teryx belt

    i heard that if u put the teryx belt on the brute it will last longer because it is stronger. has anyone heard about that?