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brute 750

  1. Brute knocking when accelerating!!

    Hey guys I'm new here and to riding. I bought a 06' BF750 and it ran great. We made a couple of rides and had no problems. Unloaded it the other day and when to start riding and it is making a knocking noise when accelerating not when idling in neutral or being revd in neutral either. I changed...
  2. 08 Brute 750 CDI problem I think

    So fuel pump won't pump when setup stock. I jumped the pump (at the relay, red white to red yellow) to take out the CDI,fuse, and relay and now it works great. My questions are 1. As long as I use the right gauge wire should that cause any problems? 2. Is there any way to test the CDI without...
  3. Tire size info

    I have a 2012 brute force 750 with a 2in lift and 1.5in wheel spacers all the way around. I currently have 30in backs but i was wondering if i could fit 32's with the set up i have now or would i need to go bigger? Thanks!
  4. Brute force air mixture screw location

    I finally got my 2005 brute running after doing a lot of mods and common prob fixes for the brute and snorking it . I have these little screens that go over the snorkel . It will start to back fire and run like **** if I keep it on if I take it off it runs fine meaning there a air blockage so i...
  5. 2009 brute force 750 cranks then dies

    I have a 2009 fi 750. It was running great, I was gin wide open for about 30-45 sec and when I let off the throttle it died. It wouldnt crank back up. After being off for a few seconds i tried again and it fired and ran for about 5 secs then died. It will do this every time i turn the key...
  6. CDI for 2010 750 Brute

    I have a 2010 Brute 750 with 29.5" Outlaws & 30" Zillas on 14" MSA Diesels (I swap the tires a good bit) what would be the best CDI box for my beast? Also, is there a need for a clutch kit if I have the CDI box? I do NOT like the stall that the clutch kit brings with it though.
  7. Tires and axles..

    Im looking at getting new tires and rims for my 2006 Brute 750i. Im in the mud more than anything so ground clearance is big to me. I want to know what would be the biggest tire I can run with stock axles without having to worry. I am looking hard at the 30x10x14 ITP Mudlite XXL on SS112 rims...
  8. 2011 Brute Force 750 messing up

    Hello, i new to this. But my 2011 brute force 750 is acting up and i'm think it could be the worst. The bike will not go over about 34 mph it also smokes now not like the smoke when you get it in your air filter. Its also not in limp mode already tried that. Also i have to feather the throttle...
  9. Help Brute 750 Runs bad 2008

    My 2008 brute 750 started coughing,it has 30 hours on it.I only hit a little water,its all stock except a race computer.I change the easiest spark plug,That didn't make a difference.I do notice oil coming up into the air box.Any clues? why so much trouble on a 30 hour bike?? It sounds like it...