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brute force 650

  1. Brute Force Not Going Into Gear

    I have a 2005 brute force 650 sra. Went riding 2 weeks ago, started it up today and it does not like to shift into gear. If I roll it/rock it forward it will shift into gear(It will also shift into gear if I rev the engine up). It does sometime shift into gear when I first start it, Is this just...
  2. 2005 Brute Force Rear Differential HELP

    Hello all, new to the forum. I have a 2005 Brute force 650 that I recently picked up for $800. Dont know anything about it other then it lost compression. I just recently rebuilt the top end. I started it up and it fired fine. I let it warm up and then went to drive it and it will not...
  3. Rebuild 650i

    I am looking for someone local to my residence in Broadway, NC that can rebuild my Brute 650i engine, I will supply the parts to include new pistons, rings and all the gaskets seals and what not. I would like to changet the compression a lil higher and just a set of cams. I would like the heads...
  4. 2006 brute force sra axle removal help.

    I have a 2006 brute footie 650 sra and the axle shaft is bent. Can I replace just the axle shaft of do I have to get a whole new diff? How much would both cost and what's easiest? If it's possible how do you get just the axle shaft out and put a new one in? Thanks for the help.
  5. Brute force 750 no power to brake and front diff actuators

    Hello all, new hear to this forum. We'll I have a brute force 750 that has some problems. Starts up fine, battery reading 12 volts but the front diff actuator and the brake actuator are getting no power to them. Front diff actuator is not moving from 2wd to 4wd and the kebc does not make a noise...
  6. How Do I change the rear oil seal on bruteforce 650

    Hi Guys I have a 2007 Bruteforce 650I and I need to change the oil seal that is were the shaft connect to the engine. I read a lot's of post but most are for the 750 that I believe the shaft has a spring and you just compress it to take it out. On mine the shaft is connect with a Ujoint and I...
  7. 650 brute backfireing out front carb only.

    i just got my hands on a 07 650i brute force. well dude i got it from said it had a new stator and had been rewired. according to the dash screen it only has 350 mines. well i got it home and i found that the front cylender has a little less compression than the rear. also i have a good bit of...
  8. I would like a few suggestions

    Tire/Rim 411
    New to the forums but have already spent a good deal of time looking at other posts about tires, and what people suggest for different types of riders. I know my type of ride is rather similar to others but maybe it differs enough to spark different suggestions than the other posts. 07 BF 650...
  9. Brute Force 650 belt light reset

    Just purchased a 2006 Brute Force 650 and the belt light is on steady which I understand only means to inspect the belt. I have found the two 4 pin connectors to reset the light but because of their location I am having trouble pulling them apart. Anyone have an idea? I am new to quads and...
  10. Valve Ticking After Adjustment

    I have 05 650 SRA, I adjusted the valves today according to the manual. Intake at 0.004" and Exhaust at 0.008". I went back and double checked all of them after I heard the ticking. Has anyone else experienced this? What should I do? It did not tick at all before I adjusted them.