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  1. Clutching
    Hey I'm running stock tires and clutch on a 2016 kawasaki brute force 750. Looking to upgrade tires without upgrading clutch if possible. How big can I go with mud/trail tires? If I need to upgrade clutch as well, what's the best tire size and brand/clutch combination? Thanks.
  2. Drivetrain & Suspension
    Looking for some advise on an ATV I recent purchased. It’s a brute force 650 solid rear axle. I finally got the got the engine running good and went to take her on her maiden voyage but i realized the rear drive shaft was spinning but it wasn’t turning the wheels. After messing with the...
  3. Kawasaki
    I have a 2005 brute force 650 sra. Went riding 2 weeks ago, started it up today and it does not like to shift into gear. If I roll it/rock it forward it will shift into gear(It will also shift into gear if I rev the engine up). It does sometime shift into gear when I first start it, Is this just...
  4. Kawasaki
    Good day all, trying to diagnose my 2008 brute force 750i that has a FI light that flashes 6 long and 1 short. I'm guessing it is 5 long and 2 short (since there is no code 61) indicating a ignition coil malfunction. I have replaced both coils with no success. Is there a specific way to reset...
  5. Kawasaki
    hey all, i have an 05 kawasaki brute force project thats been sitting idle for about 4 or 5 years now and i need to get back on it. long story short, i ran this bike for a few years stock and it decided to burn up all the valves so i purchased an 840 big bore kit with cams from big kevs...
  6. Kawasaki
    I have a 2010 brute force 750 that I rebuilt after a friend sunk it. It snapped a rod from hydrolocking. I tore cases apart inspecting all bearings and gears replaced rod. Put a brand new 11.5 to 1 high compression top end on the bike. I adjusted all the valves keeping intakes at .004 and...
  7. Kawasaki
    Ok this is gonna be a strange question but hopefully somebody can help me out. I have and 06 Brute Force 750i. Just rebuilt the front differential and got it back together. Everything went back together good except the left front axle. After some time of trying I have narrowed it down and...
  8. Kawasaki
    Hey guys I'm new here and to riding. I bought a 06' BF750 and it ran great. We made a couple of rides and had no problems. Unloaded it the other day and when to start riding and it is making a knocking noise when accelerating not when idling in neutral or being revd in neutral either. I changed...
  9. 07 Brute Force 750

    Quad has been repainted with a custom metallic candy white pearl paint. It has LED headlight and tail lights, 20" rigid lightbar, dyna fs programmer, jetted , clutched , snorkeled etc
  10. Kawasaki
    Just bought a 2005 750 brute force. The bike was not rode often by previous owner but motor was completely rebuilt. When i first got it it ran good and had plenty of power just has a small miss in it so i figured the carbs needed cleaned so i did and still wasnt quite right so after a while i...
  11. Kawasaki
    I have a weird noise coming from the front of my bike only on low rev and deceleration Here is a Video it sounds like a rattle idk tho I just checked my values and didn't have to adjust any of them Brute force front end noise - YouTube
  12. Kawasaki
    Hey guys, about 6 months ago I rebuilt the engine on my 07 750 brute. All went well except that I ended up with a spare part:thinking:. I will try to put some pics up but I have no clue where it goes. Could yall look on your brutes and see where it comes from? Thanks
  13. Kawasaki
    I hear a ticking noise coming from under the seat of the bike it's not the values cuz it's quite up there it's like near the frame on the left rear , and under all the modules as I rev it is get faster it all most sounds like a spark plug tick like arching off on something but it's not running...
  14. Hunting & Fishing
    Hey guys, I have an07 kawasaki brute force 750, what is the quietest exhaust I can put on for hunting. It has plenty of power so I am not worried about that I just want it more bearable in the woods.
  15. Kawasaki
    I am new here. I wrecked my brute force today and broke the rear right spindle. Do they make a better replacement? Because it seemed like mine just snapped right off very easily. But for now I'm looking for a used one, but am unable to post in the classified section. If anyone has one please...
  16. Kawasaki
    My first post on this forum. Found lots of good info already Here is my situation.brute force 650i Ran low on oil spun rear connecting rod bushing. Pulled the engine removed heads. Removed connecting rod without having to split engine. Ordered the brown bushing according to the colour...
  17. Kawasaki
    I'm looking for a front diff for a brute force or a tyrex. Even looking for one to rebuild. Let me know if you have something please.
  18. Good Trade?

    I pulled up to the house and my niece decided she would rather have my 4 wheeler than her 3 wheeler and went ahead and loaded it up for me so I wouldn't have to. I think I faired well?
  19. Gorilla Lift

    I'm buying a 6 inch gorilla lift for my brute force does the front 2 axles look long enough for the lift? Help
1-20 of 45 Results