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brute force carb problem

  1. Jetting Help

    2006 Brute Force 750i Just bought a Brute and it seems like the guy I bought it from has jetted it wrong. The bike starts and idles fine but when I ride between 0-15mph it backfires rarely but when I begin to exceed 15mph it sputters terrible and wont climb much over 25mph. When I removed the...
  2. Brute Force Carb Problem - Please HELP

    General Tech. & Audio Info.
    Hey guys Nice to meet all of you, I am also part of some other forums but I have heard great things about MIMB so I decided to join, and since i have a brute now i thought this would be a great place to be. So having problems with the new brute. It only has 114 miles on it. The guy I bought it...