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clutch kit

  1. New to kawasaki

    Alright, where to start first off like the title says I am completely new to Kawasaki and basically belt driven fuel injected atv's. I recently purchased a "new" 2012 brute 750 eps. So of course I have a couple questions. Firstly Id like to say wow what a difference compared to the old Honda...
  2. CDI for 2010 750 Brute

    I have a 2010 Brute 750 with 29.5" Outlaws & 30" Zillas on 14" MSA Diesels (I swap the tires a good bit) what would be the best CDI box for my beast? Also, is there a need for a clutch kit if I have the CDI box? I do NOT like the stall that the clutch kit brings with it though.
  3. 2008 Can Am Renegade *SOLD*

    For Sale/Trade
    Well, I am interested in selling my 2008 Renegade. This thing is an animal. I don't need to sell it, I'm just seeing what happens. The bike has 123 hours and around 800 miles on it. All of the maintenance was done at a Can Am dealership except the last oil change which I did myself. I am very...
  4. EPI Outlaw Clutch Kit - Brute 650/750

    just putting this somewhere so search can find it when i or anyone need it. EPI Outlaw Clutch kit for Brute 650/750 contains: pink primary yellow secondary 2 x 54 gram weights 2 x 56 gram weights