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  1. 450 foreman clutch noise?

    hey guys, I'm new to the forum here. just wanted to say Hi and thanks for having me! i recently picked up a 450 foreman that was smoking bad. so i went ahead and did a top end job on own fault, but i should have listened to the engine a bit more before i went ahead with the top end...
  2. Brute Force revs high before clutch engages! Need Help!!!!!!!

    Ok, When I put my 2005 brute force 750 into gear everything works as it should. But once I give it gas it revs up before anything engages like the clutch is just sitting there then engages all at once. I have no clue why its doing this it just progressively has gotten worse and I dont know how...
  3. prairie 400 performance(haha)

    What's up everybody, im new to MudInMyBlood. I got ahold of a 2001 prairie 400 4x4 and was just wondering if anybody knows of any mods or upgrades that could squeeze a little more get up out of it. It seems pretty stout for what it is but as we all know good enough is never enough. Ive read...
  4. MSD and Clutch Springs

    Mud Pit
    Just ordered MSD fuel Module and primary/secondary springs from VFJ. I asked what he reccomended spring-wise for my rig but I cant remember what he said. I just said "ok send me that!" I know his rep and he wouldnt steer me wrong. My question is does anyone have a similar setup with MSD and...
  5. Brute 750 belt slipping please help! :(

    ok i talked to vforce john and got both primary and secondary springs- 1 and 3 when going through mud - waterwheelies - going up mounds of dirt the belt slips and you can smell the belt ! why does it do this! These are vforce john springs! even in deep water at start off it does this and it...
  6. 2012 brute issue

    so i just snorkeled my brute, i got a new belt in it and around midrange after she warms up a bit i get a bit of backfiring and sputtering, any ideas?
  7. HELP!! 07 outty trouble

    Ok, so i have a 2007 outlander 800 had a shaking feeling come from the engine finally figured out it was my primary clutch shaking took it off and thought i had a bad bearing in the motor for the crank shaft but have no play on the shaft when i grab it and pull up down and left right. dont want...
  8. 2002 Grizzly 660 Help Please

    Im barely getting any power to the wheels and i dont want to pull the clutch apart until im sure that is what the problem is. I can give the bike 1/4 to almost 1/2 throttle and just revs up and still at half throttle its only creeping. Any suggestions?
  9. Loss of power

    Searched a ton and cannot find an answer to my problem. Last week I tightend my belt from about 32mm play to about 24mm. Went for a ride this weekend and noticed a lack of power off the line and topped out around 40mph and had to stay on the throttle awhile to get there. Felt like it was reving...
  10. 2006 Foreman wont go in gear?

    I just rebuilt the motor in my 06 foreman 50 s and it shows on the screen as go in gear but it does nothing. it shifts fine but never engages. I took the frone case of to change the timing chain and took the clutch basket apart to clean it and put the plates back in. cranked fine but wouldnt...
  11. 2012 brute

    Am thinking about buying one, and a super pro muzzy, anyone have one? If i could get some feed back be great! Do u need clutching with full exhaust? Thanks
  12. Clutch Kit

    For Sale/Trade
    Got a extreme outlaw clutch kit. Gold primary, red secondary. 56 weights. epi. if anyone needs, make an offer.
  13. Brute 750 clutch questions.

    Just recently purchased a 2010 brute 750 added 2" lift and 30" silverbacks and took it out riding. Definitely in need of a new clutch but have read all the forms to try to get a rundown of what would be good but still cant make a decision. I mainly mud ride but also climb alot of hills so having...