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  1. Jetting My Setup..

    I need help jetting my 06 750i. Mods that would effect jetting include: 2in snorks, HMF slip on and dynateck CDI. Someone has to have this same setup and have it right. Also, I'm using Dynojets. Please specify which jets you use. Thanks:mimbrules:
  2. Dynojet Jet Kit Installation Instructions

    Install Instructions for stage 1 and 2 for the most common bikes on this forum Kawasaki Brute Force 750 2005-2007 Brute Force 650 SRA 2005-2009 Brute Force 650i 2006-2009 Prairie 700 2004-2006 Prairie 650 2002 Prairie 650 2003 Prairie 360 2002-2009 KFX700 2003-2009 Teryx 750 2008 Polaris...