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  1. 02 Eiger Drive Belt

    First, I'm a mechanical novice, so please bear with my ignorance, I'm trying. 02 Eiger LTA400 - 4wd Auto 400 Picked it up on the cheap due to assumed broken drive belt (motors starts, goes nowhere). Also has to be pull-started, seems starter is shot (or wiring is). Pulled the cover off...
  2. 2004 Eiger will not start by push button

    Hi, new to the forum, great place. My issue, 04 Eiger that when I push the starter button nothing happens. Pull the cord starts right up. So I assume I have an electrical issue somewhere. I suspect its in the rear brake switch located behind the foot brake. Reason being, with lights off, when...
  3. Big bore kit installed, will not start?

    Hello everyone, New to the forum and I have searched High and lowfor my answer but nothing comes close to the answer i need. I recently purchased a 2003 Eiger auto. P.o. swamped it the bike was smoking like a skeeter fogger. I installed the 453 BBK from 4 stroke tech. I got it all back from the...