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  1. Blinkers/Turn signals problem on my '05 Brute Force 750.

    Blinkers/Turn signals problem on my '07 Brute Force 750. Hello. I own a '07 Brute Force 750 4x4i. This ATV was given to me by my uncle and there is a problem with blinkers. I'd appreciate if someone could write here the circuit from switch to the blinkers(for ex. switch - 12V relay that can...
  2. HELP!! 750i problem is still unsolved

    I have a newly acquired 2008 750i brute force and it came with the a seemingly small problem but is turning out to be widely unsolved. My machine turns over no problem it idles great and has full power for a few minutes but then I get half to a quarter throttle and it sputters and backfires a...
  3. 650SRA electrical Problem - Light Switch

    When my brute is running, if I switch on the headlights (low or High) the engine dies. If you turn the switch off, the engine runs fine. Has anyone encountered this problem? Ive been tracing the wiring from the switch looking for a short, but haven't found one yet. Any help would be greatly...
  4. 2004 Eiger will not start by push button

    Hi, new to the forum, great place. My issue, 04 Eiger that when I push the starter button nothing happens. Pull the cord starts right up. So I assume I have an electrical issue somewhere. I suspect its in the rear brake switch located behind the foot brake. Reason being, with lights off, when...