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  1. 450 foreman clutch noise?

    hey guys, I'm new to the forum here. just wanted to say Hi and thanks for having me! i recently picked up a 450 foreman that was smoking bad. so i went ahead and did a top end job on own fault, but i should have listened to the engine a bit more before i went ahead with the top end...
  2. Engine power lose

    Bought a used 05 750 brute force from a local dealer in Illinois when I test rode the quad it seamed to run fine tell I got it out on a open road then at 55 mph it started to spit and back fire and lose power brought the quad to almost a full stop then after about 30sec it would get full power...
  3. 700 Cracked block

    My sons 2003 Polaris 700 started leaking oil above dipstick which turned out to be a bunch of small cracks. It would still run but made a nasty noise and valve cover was moving like valve were out of wack. I pulled motor out and apart to find everything on top end looked good but one of the...