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  1. Help 2011 Brute won't start

    I have already been through several threads with similar issues. I was ridding this weekend came home washed it off. had a hard time starting her after a couple tries got it to catch rode for about 10 miles no problem at all backed her under the shed and now she won't start just turns over and...
  2. Relocate fuel tank

    General Tech. & Audio Info.
    I believe the honda 300trx is a gravity fed fuel system like most four wheelers. How do I relocate a fuel cell lower than the carburetor on a mini jeep I'm building. Use a fuel pump and regulator if so which one and how many psi. Please help also need a 54% gear reduction to slow it down for...
  3. 06 Brute Force loss of power and backfiring

    Hello everyone, I'm new here but have spent a lot of time reading up on this Brute the last few days.... Seems these things have a lot of problems.... Incoming long post, I want to try to provide as much detail as I can. I will add a tldr at the end. A good friend of mine has dropped off a...
  4. Electric Fuel Pump Mod for IRS Brutes with vacuum fuel pump

    "How To's"
    I decided to post this on several forums since I see many people having similar problems with their Brute Forces. I spent a lot of time trying to diagnose problems I had with cutting out at high speeds as well as intermittent problems hesitating in the mid range. I had to break up the...
  5. 2008 BF 750i Weak? Fuel Pump

    Hey all. Looking for help with my newly purchased used Brute. After i first start it up it runs great. After 2-3 minutes when I attempt a WOT run I can only get about 25mph out of it and a bunch of backfiring. Here's the interesting thing. If I shut it down and then immediately turn it back on...