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  1. Honda
    advertising not allowed If you want to openly advertise you will have to contact the forum owners & get set up as a sponsor. - Admin
  2. Kawasaki
    i'm considering doing a gear reduction on my 2012 brute force 750 and i was hoping to get some opnions from guys that have already done this. any info would be appreciated ---------- Post added at 11:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:17 AM ---------- im running 30in backs now and im...
  3. General Tech. & Audio Info.
    I believe the honda 300trx is a gravity fed fuel system like most four wheelers. How do I relocate a fuel cell lower than the carburetor on a mini jeep I'm building. Use a fuel pump and regulator if so which one and how many psi. Please help also need a 54% gear reduction to slow it down for...
  4. Honda
    i've been doing alot of research for both of these and all is good, but i'm not sure what to go with, they are almost the same. i found a thrush glasspack with 1.75" inlet/outlet, 12"x3.5" body, 17" overall length. the FO-14 tractor muffler has a 2" inlet, not sure about outlet, aluminized. The...
1-4 of 4 Results