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  1. Don’t have power

    My 2013 Brute Force does not have power. I needed my battery replace so as I was going to the parts store my son tried to jump start the battery and crossed the jumper cables. Before this happened it would at least try to start but would not turn over, now there is no power at all. Any ideas as...
  2. 09 brute force 650 electrical problem

    Hi I have a 2009 brute force 650 it recently just started having electrical problems when I turn the key on it acts as if the battery is dead and sometimes it will pop up and work but won't start soon as I try to start it goes away when I hook it up to a jump pack or a charger it comes right up...
  3. Shifting problem

    Hi I have a 2009 brute force 650 straight axel and it has been stumping me for awhile now it keeps jumping and grinding gears when I start to drive it I tried adjusting the shift linkage but didn't fix anything then took the linkage right of and tried by hand still doing the same thing what do I...
  4. 2006 brute force sra axle removal help.

    I have a 2006 brute footie 650 sra and the axle shaft is bent. Can I replace just the axle shaft of do I have to get a whole new diff? How much would both cost and what's easiest? If it's possible how do you get just the axle shaft out and put a new one in? Thanks for the help.
  5. Problems Snorkeling my 13' XMR 1000

    So I have snorkeled my XMR with a kit from **************. The only issue i have found is my rubber boot was sitting to close to the motor or something and melted it where the clamp holds it down.. Has anyone had this kind of issue before? And does anyone have any Advise they could lend to help...
  6. Mudding Team Slogan

    Mud Pit
    Hi everyone this is my first thread on here but a group of friends and I recently started our own mudding team/group the "Mud Pit Mafia" so we have our name but we are wanting shirts and thought it would be cool if we had a slogan and we can't think of one that we all like to save our lives...