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  1. 2005 yamaha kodiak 400 snorkle and rejetting tips

    Just finished the snorkles and took it for a spin. The idle wasn't bad and didn't really bog any on take off but around 30 mph wot it cuts out like it's out of gas using the choke doesn't help. I thought maybe the wind had something to do with it so I jacked the back end up and it still does it...
  2. 05 kodiak CDI box needed

    Does anybody have a CDI box for an 05 kodiak? Grizz 660 uses same CDI.
  3. 2004 kodiak 450 service manual needed

    2005 kodiak 450 IRS service manual needed 05 kodiak 450 IRS service manual needed. No spark, need testing values of coil, stator, and CDI box.
  4. 2002 Kodiak Snorkel "How To"!

    Snorkeling & Jetting
    Ok I'm in the process of snorkeling the Kodiak right now... It's a pain, and there aren't many write-ups on it, and NO GOOD WRITE-UPS w/PICTURES. So I'm gonna try to do this... Hope this helps someone some day. **All PVC pipe, fittings, etc. are 1.5" pipe size.** I'm gonna start with the...