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  1. Kawasaki
    Okay, so I decided to try and give the 360 a little more power(compression). All I did was remove the base gasket which took out .020". It changed my top speed from 47 to 50mph(down a little hill) but it really helped the low end and middle out the most. :bigok:
  2. Honda
    i've been doing alot of research for both of these and all is good, but i'm not sure what to go with, they are almost the same. i found a thrush glasspack with 1.75" inlet/outlet, 12"x3.5" body, 17" overall length. the FO-14 tractor muffler has a 2" inlet, not sure about outlet, aluminized. The...
  3. Kawasaki
    Well it's time to give my brute some more mods and a make over. I've been searching on this webiste and have found many things lacking on my brute. Here is a list of what i plan on doing and some pictures. 1-All new plastics(red) 2-Fuel tank mod and shield 3-MIMB snorkels to center 4-Catch can...
1-3 of 3 Results