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  1. Honda
    hey guys, I'm new to the forum here. just wanted to say Hi and thanks for having me! i recently picked up a 450 foreman that was smoking bad. so i went ahead and did a top end job on own fault, but i should have listened to the engine a bit more before i went ahead with the top end...
  2. Kawasaki
    I have a weird noise coming from the front of my bike only on low rev and deceleration Here is a Video it sounds like a rattle idk tho I just checked my values and didn't have to adjust any of them Brute force front end noise - YouTube
  3. Kawasaki
    I hear a ticking noise coming from under the seat of the bike it's not the values cuz it's quite up there it's like near the frame on the left rear , and under all the modules as I rev it is get faster it all most sounds like a spark plug tick like arching off on something but it's not running...
  4. Kawasaki
    i searched on here and havent found anyone with this issue. i was racing a bike holding wide open throtte for 15-20 seconds, when i stopped there was a tapping sound coming from my snorkel. i didnt do much research at the time i just put it on the trailer and took it home. it made the same tap...
  5. Kawasaki
    My buddy that has my old 06 SRA called me today asked me if I could help him figure out whats wrong with his bike so I stopped by.... FIRST OFF...keep in mind that his rear shock is busted and all bouncy and weak, kinda thinkin this may be part of the prob. Ok, you can get on the bike and run...
  6. Kawasaki
    There is something rattling in the front of my Brute near the front right. I thought it was some debris inside the CVT cover. But I ruled that out. Not sure what it is. Any ideas here? :thinking:
1-6 of 6 Results