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oil cooler

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  1. General Tech. & Audio Info.
    I recently installed an oil cooler (inlet & outlet are facing up). Quad runs fine when it's cold and during warm up. Upon being fully warmed up, it will shut down while idling. I have checked fuel system, spark, and battery and all are good. Quad has only had this issue since the oil cooler...
  2. Engine & Exhaust
    I just installed an oil cooler on my machine today. I haven't taken it for a test ride yet because I don't have a socket big enough to tighten the sandwich adapter nut. That nut size is pretty big! So as far as results, I will update at a later time. For now, here are the pics and parts...
  3. Kawasaki
    Sussessfully relocated the oil cooler to top rack for free and no extra parts needed, simply unbolt the oil cooler and turn upside down and reverse all hoses and electrical cables. they will strecth far enough. You will have to cut a few factory zip ties, and drill holes in plastic for wires and...
  4. Kawasaki
    I recently tryed to order all the parts for the oil cooler how-to nmkawierider had wrote up. But was contacted from the distributer and was informed perma cool had gone out of business. They provided some cross refrence numbers to Derale products and was wanting to know if anyone has used the...
1-4 of 4 Results