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  1. Did my Brute blow the top end??? Please respond with opinions

    I recently rode my brute about 50 miles in the snow, the next morning I went into my garage and noticed oil everywhere! I checked the oil and it was empty, so I added a little and started the machine and it sounded a little different. It didn't knock or sputter, but just not the normal sound...
  2. 08 bf 750 broken oil sensor???

    I broke off some kind of sensor under my clutches on the bottom of the motor. I was removing clutch cover and it caught the wire and snapped the plastice sensor. Just wondering what kind of sensor it is so i can order one and how much it is.. Thanks for the help and this site has some great info.
  3. ATV Engine Oil

    General Tech. & Audio Info.
    Got a booklet coming with a comparison of many ATV oils. Will be an interesting read. Before it gets here, I would like to poll what brand you all are using. Then see how these compare and rate when i receive the report.