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  1. Mud Pit
    Figured I would start a thread to show what I'm building. Started life as a stock 2012 800 S. It had the engine rebuilt about 4 months ago with a hot rods pinned and welded crank, high compression pistons, DMC dual exhaust, pcv, tuned by alba racing, running 112 octane race gas. I have...
  2. Tire/Rim 411
    So I was wondering which tire would be bet for going through mud, Outlaw or silverback. I've heard the backs dig and the laws pull and paddle. Need some feedback.
  3. Tire/Rim 411
    I got my first set of outlaws and im PUMPED. I've seen in person how they perform on all sorts of bikes, but never on a Honda 300 Fourtrax. I got 27" skinnys. I am ordering some new 12" black ITP delta steel wheels next week and slapping them on. Any pointers on how to properly utilize a HIGH...