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polaris sportsman

  1. snorkel 2000 sportsman

    im snorkeling my 2000 500 its already got the belt box snorkled. im wondering if all thats left is the crankcase and airbox or what?? any and all tips and info will be greaty appreciated thanks
  2. WTB Polaris 500 parts

    Want to Buy
    i need several 2000 sportsman 500 parts. If you have nething please contact me. Dustin 903-472-9946. Thank you
  3. Misc polaris sportsman 500 parts

    I am looking for misc 2000 sportsman 500 parts. I need a few things if anyone has a old junk one their parting out please contact me. 903-472-9946. thank you
  4. Dual radiator's '98 sportsman 500 Need advice!!

    I need Some backup advice suggestions...! Goin to MudCreek this Thursday. My stock radiator fan locked up,due to a short I found in the wiring! So I Got a 2007 700cc Radiator Polaris sportsman & Fan off eBay awhile back. Was goin to relocate it on the rack, but I found it only has in/out &...