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  1. Kawasaki
    I have an '06 360 Prairie that I recently bought that has a really bad miss in gear. It idles and revs fine in neutral, but totally falls on its face, and runs like crap as soon as you give it a little throttle in H, L, and R. Actually, it acts like the normal sputter in reverse in all...
  2. Kawasaki
    I am having no luck finding a manual online for this machine. I have found one on here, but for some reason it won't let me purchase it. Anyone have any insight into this?
  3. Kawasaki
    Alright guys I could use a little help I have an arctic cat 650 V2 an so far its been a money pit. Just put $1200 in to get bottom end rebuilt. Mechanic finished motor and put it back on bike. trys to start it and no fire. Bought a new ignition(dynatek) now it sparks for maybe 2 seconds and...
  4. Kawasaki
    what are the goods and bads? are they good on torque are they smoothe riding do they flip easy? i want to know everything i may be buying one and are they easy to mod
  5. For Sale/Trade
    rear shock in great shape $100 shipped front shocks in good shape $70 shipped factory CDI $100 shipped starter relay $25 shipped floor boards $75 shipped headlights $60 shipped Radiator w/ fan $75 shipped a TEAM GREEN a/f cover w/ lid, this is the shroud that goes around the a/f box that is in...
  6. Kawasaki
    Here is one to pick your brains with.... My Son has a Prairie 300 (2002) he is getting braver when we go out and is starting to go deeper (a little too deep last weekend as we sat while his belt dried out) Well I am wanting to snorkel it now. The Airbox and intake on the cvt seems easy enough...
  7. Kawasaki
    Okay, so I decided to try and give the 360 a little more power(compression). All I did was remove the base gasket which took out .020". It changed my top speed from 47 to 50mph(down a little hill) but it really helped the low end and middle out the most. :bigok:
  8. Kawasaki
    Does anyone have an hmf exhaust on a prairie 360? Might get one just want to know if they are worth the money. Thanks! Merry Christmas!!!
  9. For Sale/Trade
    PENDING SALE I have a good used Dynatek cdi for a 02 prairie. I have a 03 now and this one will not work. I would like $120 SHipped to 48 states. Also consider trades depending on what it is.
1-12 of 12 Results