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  1. Rancher 420 ol2 help!!!

    Hey I am new to the forum and I have a question.. I have a 2007 420 no lift and I just bought 29.5 outlaw 2 tires. They rub in the back a lot and in the front on the little footwell support metal bar. Wandering what I could do and hoping y'all could help me out
  2. Rancher 350 Project

    Rancher 350 Project

    I've an epi clutch kit and 27inch outlaws so far
  3. 420 idling problems.

    I Have a 2013 420 rancher. When I got it had a snorkel that was 1.5 in out of the air box then 2in. Right after the box. I decided to redo them. I did 1.5in out of the air box then went to 2in near the front fender all the way up. It ran perfect. About two weeks later I had some free time so I...
  4. rancher project

    For Sale/Trade
    I have a 2001 rancher 350 4x4 i am looking to sell, here is a list of mods/new parts. 23% gear reduction modded exhaust jet kit new battery new solenoid set of new piston rings new cv boot It doesnt run right now, it needs a new piston and cylinder wall and it will be running without...