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  1. Tire/Rim 411
    Will a 26x12x12 fit on the rear end of a 2014 polaris sportsman?
  2. Kawasaki
    Im looking at getting new tires and rims for my 2006 Brute 750i. Im in the mud more than anything so ground clearance is big to me. I want to know what would be the biggest tire I can run with stock axles without having to worry. I am looking hard at the 30x10x14 ITP Mudlite XXL on SS112 rims...
  3. Honda
    I have a 2007 honda foreman 500 im wanting to put the bracket lift on it . Whats the biggest wheels and tires i can run? I am wanting to stay with the 12 inch rims due to weight any suggestions on rims and tires and what about springs will they really help me
1-3 of 3 Results