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  1. MSD and Clutch Springs

    Mud Pit
    Just ordered MSD fuel Module and primary/secondary springs from VFJ. I asked what he reccomended spring-wise for my rig but I cant remember what he said. I just said "ok send me that!" I know his rep and he wouldnt steer me wrong. My question is does anyone have a similar setup with MSD and...
  2. Brute 750 belt slipping please help! :(

    ok i talked to vforce john and got both primary and secondary springs- 1 and 3 when going through mud - waterwheelies - going up mounds of dirt the belt slips and you can smell the belt ! why does it do this! These are vforce john springs! even in deep water at start off it does this and it...
  3. WTT High Lifter springs....

    For Sale/Trade
    For Brute Force irs WTT High Lifter springs with shocks for 08 or newer red springs and shocks. Thanks, Cody
  4. Brute 750 clutch questions.

    Just recently purchased a 2010 brute 750 added 2" lift and 30" silverbacks and took it out riding. Definitely in need of a new clutch but have read all the forms to try to get a rundown of what would be good but still cant make a decision. I mainly mud ride but also climb alot of hills so having...