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  1. 2002 honda wont drive or reverse

    I have a 2002 honda foreman rucibcon trx500fa. When i put it into drive it and give press the throttle it feels like it wants to move but doesnt. I retrieved the code and it was 6 blinks stating the angle sensor or ecm. i do not have a spare ecm to use as a tester to verify if the ecm is bad. I...
  2. Shifting problem

    Hi I have a 2009 brute force 650 straight axel and it has been stumping me for awhile now it keeps jumping and grinding gears when I start to drive it I tried adjusting the shift linkage but didn't fix anything then took the linkage right of and tried by hand still doing the same thing what do I...
  3. Broke force 750 wont go into low

    Okay so I have a 07 broke force 750 and yesterday I got it in a tight spot in some mud and couldn't get the tires to move even though I've got a clutch kit and never has this problems before, so it was stuck in reverse until my buddy came over and managed to pop it into high and we got it out. I...
  4. Tranny Problems

    I bought a 2007 750 off of an insurance company. It had been stolen and recovered. It only has 400 miles on it and runs like a scalded ape. The problem is it has no reverse. I have unhooked the linkage and moved the lever all the way back by hand. I can hear it grind on the gear but it won't go...