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  1. 2003 Kawasaki Prarie 360 4x4 timing chain SNAPPED

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    The timing chain on the Prarie decided to grenade on me today. I had previously rebuilt the engine with new piston+rings, seals, and new intake/exhaust valves. After the rebuild, I made sure everything was spec. but still heard almost a sound like somebody blowing in a tube, coming from the...
  2. 05 750 brute valves keep tightening up! HELP

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    Hello, new member here. Love the forums so far. But on to my issue... I have an 05 750 brute with roughly 350 hours and 1500 miles. Every 250-300 miles the valves will tighten up to where the bike wont start. If it finally does start and the motor gets warm its easy to start back... motor gets...
  3. 08 FI Brute running rich?

    Hey guys (and gals), first post after a lot of reading around. As the title says I have an 08 Brute 750 that seems to be running rich (black smoke - and the fuel smell you would associate) It also will stall if no throttle is given. I just completed a valve adjustment which took my about six...
  4. I'm a newbie that is in over his head...can anyone help

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    I've got a 2000 Honda rancher 350 4x4 es. I got it for a steal. First bike I've ever bought. It's sittin on 27" outlaws. It's got a snorkel, a 2" lift, a clutch kit and a brand new top end because the last guy used it as a submarine. I replaced the piston, rings, valves, and bored the head 30...