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I Picked up an '05 BF 750 last year from a guy... ran good all last year and the first 3 months of this year then it decided to not start anymore.
I use to rip apart my '01 1100 v-star which is carbed so I figured I'd go through and try to figure this out...

Plugs, both are sparking fine.
battery, good
fuel, you can smell it flooding after so long, so thats good.
removed the air filter so I know theres no air restrictions when trying to get her going.

My next step is to rip out the carbs and give them a good cleaning... unless there is something else that I should be checking first? It's always taken a bit of time to start when cold but now it doesn't even try to fire.

The guy I bought it from never did anything to it besides change the oil and battery and plugs. I just read about the Bus connector, which i'll get in there and do... but the symptoms of that don't coincide with my issue so I'm assuming it has nothing to do with it.

Thanks all!
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