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07-13 silverado wipers?

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anyone have luck with any aftermarket wipers that actually stay on the windshield above 65 MPH? the stock ones didn't work very well then I have tried rainx brand and they totally blow, at $22.00 a copy I really don't want to experiment .
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Might try these wiper helpers.. Sure Wipe | The Add-on Wiper Arm Spring for cars & trucks

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I have a 13 and haven't had a problem with the wipers coming off the windshield
blue,the geniuses at the general decided to reengineer the wiper arms on these trucks so those spring helper dohickeys wont go on.they take a totally frankedup style arm.
No problems on my 08 maybe the arm is bent on yours.
Haven't had a single problem with my wipers (stock) on my 2011
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