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Hey everybody. Had my Brute for about 10 years now, the last few years its just been used for plowing my driveway, but started riding it again last month. Anyway was cruising down a gravel road at about 15mph when the front tires locked up suddenly. Got it home and the spider gears seem fine (spin one tire forward and the other tire goes backwards smoothly) pulled the fill plug and the ring gear looks to be in good shape, the part I can see anyway. It'll rotate about 1/8 of the way around and then stop. I noticed one of the bolts that bolts to the ring gear appeared to be missing; empty hole in the ring gear. So I am assuming that one of the 8 bolts in the ring gear backed out and jammed things up.

I'm hoping that since there was no weird noises before hand and I was going so slow when it happened that maybe the gears and everything inside are still in good shape. Going to pull the diff and open it up later this month when I get home from work.

TL;DR - what should I order as far as seals / bearings etc? If I'm pulling the diff I feel I should at least replace seals? Machine has 1700 miles on it, no diff leaks or anything like that either. Also any good places to order parts from, I have not had any issues with stock seals yet so I'd like to keep it that way..

Thanks for any advice!
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