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you can use any bulb that that has the same pin design. Heres an example, and one i have used on all my machines >,aps,82&sr=8-41

The real trouble lies in the fact that you will need the mount off your factory bulb, so it mounts and seals correctly back into the factory housing. Its soldered on, and what I do is take a chunk of wood and bore a hole a few inches deeper and touch wider then the bulb. You could also probably use a large deep socket on a vise. Throw the bulb into the hole > grab a propane torch and heat up the solder around the mount > and at the same time pushing the bulb off the mount with another stick of wood or a heavy gloved hand. Sounds like work but they come off quite easy. Now you will have the circular factory mount you need.
The mount on whatever bulb you purchased typically just has a set of 3 tabs that hold the mount on, take a small screwdriver and bend them out to get rid of that mount.
Take your factory mount and using some JB Weld, attach it to the bulb stem approximately where it was on your old bulb.
Let it dry in a way it wont move on you. I use a vise for that.
Presto! Enjoy the extra light
(You COULD also just buy the factory mounts, they arent expensive, like $12 for 2. In which case you wouldnt need to do anything but JB Weld them onto your new bulb)
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