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Hello Brute Riders
Firstly, I have read SO many threads on jetting etc. Its staggering but Ive also learned a lot. I have 2 questions.
1 - My manual does not state what the stock jets are. I have googled it and found conflicting answers, but the main answer that comes up is 40# pilot, 138fr and 142r. Is this correct??
2 - My brute has 800 (fairly babied) miles. She has a fresh UNI air filter and dynatek cdi box currently just installed. She runs and starts perfect like always, but I can tell she might be a touch lean - I have no decel popping etc, but does run SLIGHTLY hotter than normal. I havent ridden her enough to check the plugs and wont because I just ordered a Full Big Gun Evo U exhaust and plan to do this all in one swoop.
I had the option to order the kit with the dynojets included for 120$ more, but after reading this forum I think I might just go the Kiehin route. And SO, my question is :
Which main front and rear jets should I purchase giving me the proper slack to get my Brute running perfect and proper?? My research, if the factory jets are what I think they are, tell me I should be looking at a 142 front and 146 rear.
Opinions please.
- I am running at around 1000 - 1500 FASL
Thanks in Advance!
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