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2012 Duramax

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Just got this home last night from Dallas, was a long 10 hours of driving yesterday.

2012 2500hd LTZ
Daramax, Z71 4x4, Z71 appearance package, LTZ plus package, navigation, heated/cooled seats, 20's and so on

To do list-

Tint windows
Probably n-fab step bars
Gooseneck hitch and bed liner
Rear aftermarket bumper to get rid of the chrome, probably ranch hand
Undecided on brush guard or full replacement front bumper
That will be about it for awhile

Well I can't get photobucket to work for today!!!
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Lol I might just have to have them put on it I just don't wanna deal with any leaks.. But hopefully if I let the dealership do it they will warranty there work!! Those are 22s there actually chrome but I've never really liked chrome so I plast-dipped them black and now that I know I like it I need to get them powder coated

I might just get 5" that's some serious exhaust I just want it to sound BA! I can't afford serious power lol heck you go any over 100hp you gotta upgrade the tranny.. I just want to delete it and make it sound good

That's one sharp truck you got, did u get the mini max before the BAN?
Understand you there.

5" sounds great, when you get on, not even full throttle, about 60-70% throttle, big sound difference, it gets rather loud and I like it. The 5 will be a deeper sound note but 4" sounds good too, soo...

Yes I did, I got it in December, about a month after getting the truck.
Lucky dog! Lol my only option seems to be EFI live which will be over kill but I guess it'll be nice if I ever run into some money and could build it up
Why not a little update,

Haven't done much to it with funds needed elsewhere on unpredictable circumstances. Have around 30,000 miles on it now, trouble free. still get a consistent 17-18 average mpg, doesn't seem to want to move off of that, which is decent for the truck it is. Put a Fass titanium 150 lift pump on, still messing with it, truck doesnt seem to run 100% right with it. Also put a 7 inch tip on, i think its a bit large, may put a 6 inch on but for now i'm used to it. Still love it, great tuck!!

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I ended up same as you it averages 17 with my foot in it and up to 22 if I drive it like an old man lol, put 5" flopro, sinister EGR delete, PCV re route and EFI live from Idaho rob, would really like to get a FASS but need to run in to some more overtime lol
Dang! Topping it out? Lol! Truck looks really good!
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