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2013 F150

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Needed a truck that was a little better ride & better on gas than my old 03 Fx4. So I'm hoping this 2013 V6 (non-ecoboost) will be coming home w/ me today.

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Do it!!! I just did the same dam thing for the same reasons. Got a 13' RAM Hemi. As slow as I drive now, it's always in ECO mode. It really does get alot better mpg than my frontier. I'm really digging that. That's a nice truck, did ya bring it home yet?

2013 Crew 2wd V6. 21k miles. Rides like a dream. wish it had the back up camera & heated seats but, I can add the camera later.
Good. If you are going to spend 40+ hours per month in a vehicle, it might as well be a nice one. :)
Good. If you are going to spend 40+ hours per month in a vehicle, it might as well be a nice one. :)
Exactly. I'll try to get some better pics tomorrow.

Just found out you can't add the Ford OEM back up camera though, from what I read, if your truck wasn't ordered with it, you can't add it. Apparently they didn't run the harness for it (kinda makes sense) but on top of that, it looks like the in dash display screen is different too.
You can always just add a aftermarket head unit with a backup cam.....btw nice truck def not a tahoe tho lol.....
Haha... Yeah I've seen those but the little screens are just so cheep & cheesy looking. May have to find something a little nicer to mount in the cab.

And yeah, tahoe's are EXPENSIVE. All the ones found that I could pay cash for were junked out. And the newer (07+) ones in my finance range had 100-150k miles on them already.

Put it this way, I found a couple 07 tahoe's w/ 100k+ miles on them, and they would have cost me the same thing nearly as this 2013 truck w/ 20k miles and 5yr 100k mile warranty. Lol.
I hear ya but you can do much more with a truck then a SUV unless you plan on having more then 3-4 kids soon lol.....and show us some more pics of the truck man inside and outside, my brother just got a 14 ecoboost

I'll get some inside tomorrow.

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Very clean truck....what color is that exactly doesn't look like a black black and while it is still so new pretty much get that silly stripe off the side of it lol should still come off very easy since it isn't 5 years old and won't be faded yet......otherwise I really like it I just hate pin striping lol and I see you already did your first mod vent shades or was that already on there....I'm debating if I want them or not on this truck
Clean truck! be interested in how that v6 does on gas.
Might be takin her home.

Yeah I put them on this afternoon. Gotta get a tool box next. And get the windows tinted. It's the Metallic Tuxedo Black. Yeah I'm not sure about the pin stripe either. I liked it on my old truck. But the color matched. If that was silver or something that blended in I would like it more.

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Alright, got my front windows tinted to match the others, took some of the stickers off, and took the stupid flex fuel badge off the tailgate. Picked up some Husky Weather Beaters (the new versions are a lot better than the old classic style, much like the Weather Techs). Wife is getting me a tool box, and that will be it for a while. Really all I need. Except I do want a back up camera added.


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Looks good......I still love my weather techs but those husky do look better then the older ones
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