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4" Super ATV Outty Lift Product Test

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We are starting our product test with Super ATV on their 4" Can-Am Outlander Lift kit as well as working to assist in developing the parts needed to fit the Renegade. Over all fit of the kit was great, quality built, and directions are spot on. Should plan on replacing all bearings in the rear arms when doing the kit or at least have spares on hand as they can be difficult to remove from the stock arms. We will continue to update this posting as the test continues.
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Any idea when the Renegade stuff will be ready to go?

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What ground clearance measurements are you getting with the setup? I'm running Moto monsters also.. And how wide is the max now?
20" at the rear on the outty. Will have to check notes on the width. Will follow up. Renegade is in the early stage of development . Will be worth the wait. I will post more on it as we know more.
Width is 57 with heavy offset wheels and the 30" tires on it
57" wide was where I was at with a 6" Catvos on my brute and 1.5" wheel spacers with regular offset wheels with was perfect, it was wider than all the other bikes and narrower than the majority of the UTV's. Very stable, and wasn't hung up in everybody else's ruts all the time. I hope the renegade lift is comparable, and I REALLY hope it has a nice rake on the rear trailing arms..... I'll be the first to buy one for sure if it comes out anything like that.

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It does have a good rake we are running it over the next week or two then need to finish the specs. Width and rake are very proportionate. We are super please with it so far.
Very awesome! It has alot of gc to just be a 4", and its wide enough hopefully boot issues will be kept to a minimum when it comes to dry riding. .....subscribing to this thread.

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That a whole lot of lift in the rear. I have about 14 1/4 with 31s and hl springs. Makes the lift even more interesting. What do the new bearings cost and do you need a press to install them?
I"ll post more info in the thread I started in the Can-am section, but I can tell you this lift WILL NOT fit an XMR without fairly extensive modifications.

The components are nicely built, welds all look reasonably well, and their rhino axles have a good rep in stock replacement lengths running on several well built/big tired mud bikes.
Just to be clear we are testing this on a 800 max not the XMR. We are also assisting in getting this lift ready to use on the Renegade. We currently do not have access to the XMR.
Can't wait for the Renegade lift to come out!! Any time lines on when it should be available?
I know a few issues that I'm curious about is the durability of the ball joints and A-arms as well as with CV shafts poping out. Looks like the CV joints are at a decent angle. Have ya'll had any boot problems with running at moderate speeds?
Not yet. So far so good . We have a big mud ride I in the upper peninsula in may. If it holds there without issue it should hold anywhere . I will post more as we progress
Thank you, any idea when the Renegade lift will come out? and will it carry the same ground clearance as the Otty? If so, that will be awsome!
This lift re-uses OE ball joints/bushings/bearings and sets everything at stock angles, thus that stuff has little reason to wear any more than stock.

The lift will fit the max fine, it *should* fit the XMR simply by getting the regular outty/max keyways to go in the trailing arms. - We have confirmed fitment on another XMR on HL forum, but he is not having the issue of the rears being offset way different from the fronts. He said his is maybe 1" wider out back than up front, as where the ones we put on were roughly 3" per side wider in the back than front.

The height will be fine on any bike w/o the air-ride. With the air-ride, the shocks are longer and will allow the joints/bars to hang down to just over 40* when fully extended, thus could cause over-stress/breakage going through ruts.

Not downing anything about this lift, still very happy for the $. Just posting up the info I have from trying to get it on an XMR & from talking with a few people who have previously installed in on other bikes.
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Good information is always welcome.
im in on the renegade lift also (hurry up) LOL
Working on some design stuff now. It is going to be a great lift!
Wish they would make a reasonably priced big lift for a brute I'm sure they would sell like hot cakes
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