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MIMB Labor Day Ride

4th Annual Labor Day Ride!

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Well, it was brought to my attention (Thanks 08Beast) that it's about time to start discussing the 2012 MIMB Labor Day Ride.

I've posted a poll of a few parks that are central to the south, so just vote for the one you would like to go to.

Obviously I dont really have any control over this but, please, if you dont plan on attending then dont vote. If you live in Michigan and are voting, then, it isnt going to be fair the poll results. Now obviously if guys from up north want to get together for a ride of their own up there somewhere then by all means create a MIMB Northern Ride thread and ya'll get after it! Or if you REALLY are going to try to come down, then go for it, 08beast drives all the way down from WV each year so...

I tried to pick good parks (from our past and from listening to others) that are central to the southeast.
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I think it's around Delhi, La..
It's south of Delhi in the tensa swamp

Well I wanted thank everyone that came out. The "Southern Mudd Junkies" also 2010Brute and RMax. I am sorry I had to leave a little early (I took on water up the exhaust). I got towed back to the front by an awesome looking Red Polaris Sportman. Now for the difficult news for me to share.

After getting the brute loaded up and pulling out something just wasnt feeling right with my body. Turns out I was having a heart attack. I am lying in the ICU at Glenwood Medical Center in West Monroe right this moment. I was told that the doctor worked a miracle and I am lucky that I am still alive. It has been quite the emotional roller coaster today.

Please keep me in your prayers.
Dayum glad your ok. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
same hear jt ,we were looking for you on the trails ,hope all goes well for you ,looking forward to seeing you agian
101 - 106 of 106 Posts
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