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5th Annual MIMB Labor Day Ride

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Wow, 5 years now... It's hard to believe it's been happening that long!

Though, I've only been able to attend 2 or 3 of them myself over the years, I know ya'll always have a good time getting together w/ other MIMB folks and ride.

In the past we've tried to find a centrally located park, and everyone show up there that can. However we've gotten SO big, I Think it's time to just let everyone plan their own get together at their own local park.

The usual popular places include Red Creek and CCC for all the Ms. People, and B&B for Alabama folk. Texas boys usually get together and do their thing too.

So ya'll get together, and plan the 5th Annual MIMB Labor Day ride(s). I can't wait to see pics of everyone together, and make sure to wear your MIMB Swag!
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someone needs to plan and hold a 6th annual Labor Day ride next year.
You got that right Jon

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Do we need to open a poll with the popular parks
Go for it

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