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Your ATV, UTV, and Off-Road Product Testing Specialists

We specialize in product testing and reviews for ATV, UTV, and off-road products. We offer comprehensive, real world testing and reviews. Based in Northern Michigan, we have a unique opportunity to test products in a vast range of environments from sub-zero to nearly 100 degree heat and from arid, silt-filled trails to deep mud and water as well as literally feet of snow.

We believe that product testing in the real world by actual riders and end users trumps lab testing.

There are just too many variables in the real world to try to duplicate in a controlled environment. So we began product testing for many of the top manufacturers in our industry including Super ATV, Gorilla Axle, EMP, Motorsports Alloy, EFX, Breathe Safe, and many more.

We utilize our experienced 14 person (and growing) race team as co-testers to allow us access to test a wide variety of brands.

We do things a little differently here by tapping into our over three decades of off-road experience to help our customers get just the parts they need. As ATV and UTV enthusiasts ourselves we know the disappointment of buying parts that end up either under performing or fail to work as advertised. It SUCKS! Wasted time and Cash! No one wants either!

So let us help you with your next ATV or UTV project to ensure you get the real scoop on all the latest parts and accessories the ATV, UTV and Off-Road market has to offer!

Please feel free to visit our sites, blogs, and social network pages. Be sure to check out our sponsor ads and banners!
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