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So I recently bought a 2008 bruteforce 750(fuel injected) and I took it on its first proper run on the weekend and it burned around 1/4 of a litre of oil (in around 70km of running), its not smoking though it does smell slightly oily. I looked up possible causes and found it can blow oil into the airbox so I checked and sure enough there's oil there and a fair bit of it, to much to be from the oil off the filter, 1/4 of a litre in 70kms seems very excessive though and most of the posts seems to say that its usually caused by wheeling or wide open throttle for long periods, I wasn't wheeling or running WOT, though I was climbing some decently sized hills with a decent bit of throttle input. Would this be enough to cause my issues or is it more likely to be rings or valve seals ect? I'm planning to run a compression test but im not sure what else to try.
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