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check out what i bought today :P

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i was looking for a old beater 4 wheeler for under a grand to beat up and not care about. but then i came across this !

picked it up, needs a lot of work to restore but its my new project :p

if anyone knows any good site/info or good place for parts let me know

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is that an argo brand?
Very cool. I had the chance to drive one a little many years ago. It was a a little tank. With good tires, they do very well.
its called a amphicat, they started making them in the mid 60's
its awsome.
anything that floats and rides on land is gonna be quite fun!

we had one of these for a brief time when i was young. it was yellow and had a 14 horse motor.
Cool, is the only place that I know of to get some good info on them.
Through some 25" laws on that bad boy and away you go!!!
lol i was thinking on putting aggressive tires on it but then i realized that the tires will touch each other lol
ive got one of those sittin in my shed, maybe a year or 4 newer, runs, brand new engine with less than 10 hours, then found out it dont steer right so put the project on "hold", new tires, floats too. somebody come buy it. i got pics
You thought about some tracks for that thing.
ya but its so expensive !
Oh well, still those things are cool as hell.
i almost bought one here awhile back and never went through with it, now i wish i would have got it because it was at a great price,'

let us know how you like it when you start riddding it
Man that vid makes me wish I could afford one. Let us know how you like it.
Argo are pretty cool machines, just a little to slow for my liken!
its in a bunch of pieces right now, I'm rebuilding the engine, had to make new shafts, 12 new bearings, a bunch of new seals lol hooked up a CD player with 4 speakers...

cant wait to ride it lol hopefully by the end of April ill have it done
We had one of those. I think it was an argo. I wish we still had it. An atv that floats is soo cool! I'd use it rather than my brute! There is also another brand called a buffalo i believe. We had one come into the shop that was all modded up by the university of kansas. They had servos hooked to it and it was remote controlled at one time. Used to have solar panels and stuff. Had a homemade cab on it. All the servo stuff was long gone but all the brackets were gone. It wouldnt have floated though cause it had holes all through it. dont know if it ever floated, didnt have much of a bottom to it.
Bump... have you done anything to this yet? I wanna see some laws or backs on it! LOL
I want to see a 750 brute motor in it!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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