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Chevy Vs. Ford

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Well Ya'll all know what i like. What brand do yall prefer.
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i was always a chevy man till i got a 2000 ford f-150 5.4 xlt and i starded working on it now i run a 13.9 in the quarter mile at ford vs chevy in gulf port MS. and i still pull a trailer with it. i guess i crossed
They'll all break doesn't matter what it is. That's why I have a job ;) but you gotta love the duramax!

Got 4 Bowties and a Jeep at my house. My family has always drove a Chevy and always will. My first truck was a Chevy Silverado and my last truck will be a Chevy Silverado. Can't go wrong with the Bowtie!

Here's My Silverado:

-Rough Country 2" Leveling Kit
-K&N Filter
-Firestone Destination M/Ts (285)
-Billet Grille

Has 145000+ miles on it now, hoping someday to reach a million ;)
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My family has always been GM or Chevy when it came to trucks, until this past December when I bought a new f150 Platinum with the ecoboost. I definitely regret going to a ford. Should have bought another GM, probably a duramax.
What's wrong with your Ford? One of our guys has it and he loves it. I'm kinda partial to it too even if it is a Ford.

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I have a F-250 diesel, my wife drives a Tahoe. Both have been great rigs!! :swordfight: :popcorn:
My biggest problem is actually the mileage. It gets the worst mileage of any vehicle I've ever owned. My last truck was a 09 GMC with a 6.2L engine running a lift and big heavy mud tires and the mileage was considerably better. Last week I pulled my boat home to get it ready for summer and my average was 24.5 liters/ 100km. That works out to 9.5 (U.S.)mpg. And it's not a big boat. Pulling my Brute Force on its trailer gets me 11mpg if I drive like my grandmother.

Everyone keeps telling me something must be wrong but Ford has been no help at all. I'm hoping they will reflash the computer again tomorrow while it's in the shop getting the rear end fixed. The clutch packs for the limited slip are done already with 24000 kilometers on the truck. I have a long list of other things they'll be fixing too. Seems like the quality control guy was taking a dump when my truck rolled off the assembly line.

What's wrong with your Ford? One of our guys has it and he loves it. I'm kinda partial to it too even if it is a Ford.

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Wow... His ecoboost gets 22-24mpg.

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I have had both I drive a Ford now and they all have problems but to me the Ford's pull way better than the Chevy's in my opinion
Had a buddy Used to have an 03 F150, 9 inches of lift, programmer, exhoust, 35's and proper gearing. It wouldn't pull a sick ***** out of bed. The only thing it had goin for it was it got 17mpg.

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9" of lift with 35's don't make a good tow truck.......

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Honestly you're towing power is in the rear end. Not the name on the truck.

I'll agree most of the Fords I've seen do pull better and ride better stock for stock compared to the others.

Two brothers That used to work for us now have a portable building company. Both have late model power strokes. They also have a late model cummins for deliveries, but their favorite tow truck is a 90's model Bowtie with a 454.

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there all good if they work and junk when they break
Well....I am a GM guy but there are things that I like about both manufacturers. More of the interior of the Ford and the engine/tranny of GM and the drive train under the Dodge! Can we make one of those please!
So then, Cummins Power, Allison Trans, in the new SD body? - lol

I'm a chevy guy, but I'm also a firm believer that there are good ones & bad ones from all makes, most of which comes down to how it's maintained.
HAHAHA, "Towing power comes from the rear end..." Whoever said that has a sense of humor.

I really dont care anymore. At one time not so long ago I was like most of you here. Die Hard Brand Loyal. At the end of the day not a single brand is giving me a truck to drive, I have to buy it with my hard earn cash. So with that being said whats the point of being brand loyal. Cause the moment chit hit the fan with your truck they 1st thing they will do is void the warranty if they can just to leave you hanging.

I have owned
90 GMC 3/4 4wd Ext Cab 350 gas
02 Chevy 3/4 4wd 4dr 6,0 gas
04.5 1 ton dually Dodge CTD QC
96 3/4 4wd Dodge CTD Ext Cab
07 1 ton Dually Dodge CTD MC (Lemoned)
07 3/4 4wd Dodge CTD Mega Cab
711hp and 1500ftlbs at the wheels, runs high 12's in the 1/4, and I still tow heavy with it. 25,900lb is the heaviest I have crossed the scales.
It is a good truck. With everything I have done to it I can not complain. I have broke stuff on it but with the power it makes it is only to be expected.

Though my absolutey favorite pickup was the 96 dodge. What a comfortable pickup to drive. Awesome pickup

I would love to go buy a new truck today but this truck is paid off and stupid fast. A new Ford, GM, or Dodge would be great ot have in the drive way but they would be to slow and I refuse to build another fast diesel.

Wife has a 2011 Tahoe. Nice car but GM needs to add leg room to the Tahoe. My needs hit the dash on both sides.
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Ford through and through
Before the tires Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Tire

After the new tires Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Pickup truck
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For work they have always keep up in the newest truck ,and they had to be crewcab 4x4 .
1 Chevy very comfy .Like some thing a old man would have .the SCU and the TCU sucks
2 dodge the ones after the bailout suck,the back seat is a joke and don't try to put anything under the back cant trun of TC unless you 4 wheel drive, boo.
3 ford this is the brand that I have given the most hell and never had a problem one. I do hate that you cant program the door locks that sux


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i have had two fords and three chevys . chevy all the way. although my next project will be putting a cummins in a chevy . cummins is my favorite motor, its only problem is the package it comes wrapped in .
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