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The purpose of the Forum is to provide a forum for mud bike owners to discuss, share, and communicate information about their atv's.

Posts that are "bashing" or "inappropriate" in any nature will NOT be tolerated. Posts or threads that are obvious attacks on other members or are blatant attempts to stir controversy on this site, will be deleted and an appropriate action will be taken. We will NOT tolerate abusive and or immature actions.

Examples of abusive actions or items include unlawful, threatening, abusive, obscene, vulgar, pornographic photos (including signatures and avatars), profane, or indecent posts or threats of any kind.

Do not knowingly post any information, software, or other material which violates or infringes upon copyrights, trademarks, etc.

Do not place advertisements for a business in signature lines or in posts. We also prohibit link(s) to external spamming agencies/websites. Any links to businesses or there product pages will be removed as well as contact information (no phone numbers) unless these companies are sponsors of the forum/website. (see "Sponsors") Pictures of products are allowed for reference purposes in threads if posted by a forum member (i.e. pictures of Outlaw or Silverback Tires, CATVOS Lifts, etc..) as long as the pictures do not contain contact info for the company in question.

Members will be warned for making posts that do not adhere to the community guidelines. Members that refuse to adhere to site guidelines will be removed from the site.

MudInMyBlood administration also reserves the right to revoke posting rights to members that "abuse" member privileges in any way.
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